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Top First Person Shooter Games for PC

Top First Person Shooter Games for PC

The FPS genre can provide an immersive experience if done right. But it's also a genre that began reaching a saturation point until the introduction of VR gaming. FPS games are also a great way to experience a unique kind of storytelling, where you'll be seeing events...

The Best High-End PC for Gaming

The Best High-End PC for Gaming

Since we're already in 2018, something like a 1080p paired with 60fps won't do. Whether your computer should have high-set settings, is also thought to be questionable, but then we remind ourselves, it's 2018. If you’re a professional, or non-professional gamer, who’s...

Reasons Why You Should Buy Xbox One Today

Reasons Why You Should Buy Xbox One Today

If you're a fan of gaming and you've got some version of either a gaming computer, PlayStation or of course, the famous Xbox, then you know how entertaining it can be when you're looking for something fun to do when you're at home, or perhaps even kick back and relax....

How to Make Money with Gaming

How to Make Money with Gaming

To most people, one of the most fun and interesting things to partake in, is playing games, and while it’s a nice way to kick back and relax in the evening after work, don’t you wish you could just do it for the rest of your life, without having to go to work and...


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