To most people, one of the most fun and interesting things to partake in, is playing games, and while it’s a nice way to kick back and relax in the evening after work, don’t you wish you could just do it for the rest of your life, without having to go to work and still make money?

Sounds unrealistic and like a dream come true all in one, doesn’t it? Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not at all that, and you could achieve everything you want and more with gaming, right from your living room.

There’s one catch though. Are you willing to take the risk? Are you willing to accept that whatever is being said around you, or the fact that you’re staying close to your comfort zone, what’s safe and what some might refer to as “the norm”, are you ready to let that go and shut out the haters to do something extraordinary?

It sounds stupid because it’s gaming, but the money involved doesn’t sound one-inch of silly at all.

Ways to Make Money with Gaming

• Play Online Games with Points Clubs

Have you ever heard of gaming sites, such as My Points and Swagbucks? If not, these sites offer all their members the opportunities to play games online, all in exchange for points, which you guessed it, can be traded for money via PayPal, or even gift cards.

There’s a catch, of course. You’ll have to spend a little money upfront to purchase gaming tokens at, or your relevant game site, where you retrieve your points from. In exchange though, you’ll be able to earn points to trade in for money. The most recommended games to earn these points include Bejewelled 2, No Deal Slots and Super Plunko.

• Become a Playtester

Do you enjoy sinking your teeth into a new game and spending hours a day playing to learn and perfect it? Well, why not become a playtester then?

A playtester is provided with a new video game and asked to play the game to such an extent, that they figure precisely out how everything works and provide extensive reports on how it responds. These positions will require a geographical location, meaning you might have to be close to the game company’s offices, but there are also companies that consider playtesters that live remotely today. It will allow them to test their product from their customer’s point of view, and you’ll get paid for it. It’s a pretty good deal.

• Provide Gaming Customer Services

Even if you aren’t getting paid to play games, you’ll still be getting paid for your expertise while someone’s playing games. Plus, you get to do it from home.

There are many companies, such as Sutherland Global Services who will call Gaming Consultants for a customer support position to be available to take calls with the game open in front of them, along with a shared screen of the user playing the game, to check what the problem is on their end, and help them fix it. There are part-time, as well as full-time positions available.