If you’re a fan of gaming and you’ve got some version of either a gaming computer, PlayStation or of course, the famous Xbox, then you know how entertaining it can be when you’re looking for something fun to do when you’re at home, or perhaps even kick back and relax.

Exactly eight years after the launch of the first-ever Xbox, which was the 360, there were a ton of fans who fell in love with everything it presented them with. It allowed them a new gateway to experience some of the most incredibly designed games that ever existed.

If you’re still stuck with the old version of Xbox or would like to make the transition of either gaming computer or PlayStation to the Xbox One, should you? That’s the big question on everyone’s mind.

Is 2018 a good year to purchase the Xbox One, while the Xbox Two is being designed as we speak, and will be released in 2020/21?

That’s two to three years to go, but if you want to buy one now, here’s why you should.

Why You Should Buy Xbox One in Now

• The Xbox includes a Kinect sensor

It is just one feature of the Xbox One that cannot be denied, and even though its older versions have some version of it too, this one is especially impressive and more developed than anything we know on the market in gaming.

The sensor allows the Microsoft console a lot of advantages and even enables gaming developers to more reasons to include better motion functionality in their games, to create the best experience for their users.

• It’s the ultimate superior media hub

Even though Sony has had incredible results selling their PlayStation’s over the years, the Xbox One might have a little bit of extra edge over its competitor when it comes to gaming. The Xbox One is an all-around media mastery expert. It has a lot of bigger applications than the PS4 and even has Netflix, 4OD, BBC iPlayer, Sky apps and Lovefilm in the mix.

It’s safe to say that Xbox offers a lot more to its dashboard than the PlayStation. It even has Skype and might as well serve as a computer and gaming console all in one.

• Xbox Uses Cloud Computing Power

It is said that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a lot more powerful than Xbox One and again, it all comes down to the glitch that Xbox forgot with Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield, which cannot be played on Xbox due to its 1080p, which already gave the revolutionary console a bad-wrap, but that’s just one game. Microsoft uses some of the best cloud servers. Cloud hosts persistent processor tasks, which allows resources to free up memory regularly on its local CPU cores, which means Xbox has more computing power than PS4, allowing you the gaming experience with no problems whatsoever.