The FPS genre can provide an immersive experience if done right. But it’s also a genre that began reaching a saturation point until the introduction of VR gaming.

FPS games are also a great way to experience a unique kind of storytelling, where you’ll be seeing events unfold in the eyes of a single person, making way for opinions that can be personal and distinct to the individual that’s playing the game.

Here are some of the top FPS games to hit the shelves.

Do note the games in this list aren’t in any way ranked or ordered.

Half-Life 2

A list of all-time greats in the FPS genre will always remain incomplete without Half-Life 2. Following the events after Half-Life, the Earth is enslaved by an alien race called the Combine that came through the portals opened at the Black Mesa Research Facility. Gordon Freeman, awakened after being placed in stasis by G-Man himself, is placed inside a train to City 17 only to find out that the world is in trouble.

Seen as a narrative masterpiece, Half-Life 2 was one of a kind when it was first released. With added focus on gunplay and linear story, the game was seen as a significant improvement to the first one, which is a tall order to follow.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege

When R6 Siege first came out, reviewers and gamers all around the world panned the game for the buggy mess that it was. Only later, after rolling out patch after patch, ironing out each and every glitch in the game, that gamers truly saw what a gem of a video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was.

Initially planned as a seventh generation entry, the game was announced in 2011 as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots. With its innovative destruction engine that focused environmental damage that could potentially influence the game, the seventh generation systems, unfortunately, couldn’t handle what the game had to offer. After being in development hell for nearly six years, it was finally released as a full priced game.

Deus Ex

Created by the legendary Warren Spector, Deus Ex redefined what it felt like to have consequences in a gaming environment. An all-out RPG, through and through, Deus Ex takes place in an alternate universe where real-world conspiracies have been proven correct.

Unlike other FPS titles at the time, Deus Ex forced the player to think, instead of shooting down everything at sight, hence encouraging the player to find a unique solution to a simple problem. Even to this day, gamers find it difficult to beat the game at its highest difficulty.